Cyber Security

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data, from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. This field has become increasingly important as more individuals and organizations rely on technology for communication, business transactions, and storage of sensitive information.
Cybersecurity threats can come in many forms, including viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and hacking. These attacks can be aimed at individuals or organizations and can result in the theft of sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial data, and personal information.
To maintain cybersecurity, it’s important to follow best practices, such as using strong passwords, keeping software up-to-date, being wary of suspicious emails and links, and using security software like antivirus and firewalls. Organizations may also have specific security measures in place, such as regular security audits and penetration testing.
In summary, cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field that aims to protect technology systems and their users from various types of digital threats.

Managing your network and ensuring every device is adequately protected can be a complex and costly task. Managed NG Firewall simplifies network security with a single, modular, software platform designed to fit the evolving needs of your organization.

Designed specifically for organizations with limited IT resources and budgets, Managed NG Firewall provides a browser-based, responsive and intuitive interface enabling us to quickly gain visibility into the traffic on the network. From content filtering to advanced threat protection, VPN connectivity to application-based shaping for bandwidth optimization, Managed NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade network security platform for organizations in any industry.